The Berkeley Prince 43

Spécifications techniques


  • Heures
  • Minutes
  • Secondes


  • Remontage automatique/Automatique
  • Swiss Made


  • Carré
  • Or rose
  • Ensemble de diamants
  • 43.00mm


  • Saphir


  • Boucle ardillon
  • Or rose


  • Alligator
  • Noir


Heralding the majesty of the Backes & Strauss, The Berkeley Prince is an exceptional masterpiece. This illustrious horological jewel is adorned with 295 diamonds weighing 21.11cts and boasts 264 bespoke cut baguette diamonds. Requiring the skill of the master craftsmen, the invisible setting of these Baguette-Cut diamonds epitomises the essence of Backes & Strauss.

With each diamond being hand- selected, polished and carefully set to flawless perfection, Backes & Strauss offers an ode to the luxury of time.

The meticulously crafted case is adorned with 100 Baguette-Cut diamonds, weighing 9.54cts and the dial with 164 Baguette-Cut diamonds, weighing 10.96cts. With one round Ideal-Cut diamond, the heart of The Berkeley Prince is demarcated by the Backes & Strauss signature, Jewel in the Crown.

In a dazzling celebration of regal elegance and a Meeting of Masters, the master diamond setter and polisher, and the master watchmaker combine their shared passion for mathematical precision to create a unique Masterpiece both inside and out.