The Regent Prince 4452

Spécifications techniques


  • Heures
  • Minutes
  • Secondes


  • Remontage automatique/Automatique
  • Swiss Made


  • Ovale
  • 44.00x52.00
  • Or blanc
  • Ensemble de diamants


  • Saphir


  • Boucle ardillon
  • Or blanc


  • Alligator
  • Noir


Heralding the majesty of the Backes & Strauss The Regent Prince is a true masterpiece. This illustrious horological jewel is adorned with 535 diamonds weighing 21.42cts and boasts 504 bespoke cut Baguette diamonds, which are invisibly hand-set. Requiring the skill of the Master craftsmen, the invisible setting of these Baguette-Cut diamonds epitomises the essence of Backes & Strauss.

With each diamond being hand- selected, polished and carefully set to flawless perfection, Backes & Strauss offers an ode to the luxury of time.

The meticulously crafted case is adorned with 116 Baguette-Cut diamonds weighing 9.92cts and the dial with 388 Baguette-Cut diamonds weighing 10.89cts. With one round Ideal-Cut diamond, the heart of The Regent Prince is demarcated by the Backes & Strauss signature: “Jewel in the Crown”. In a dazzling celebration of regal elegance and a Meeting of Masters, the Master diamond setter and polisher, and the Master watchmaker combine their shared passion for mathematical precision to create a unique Masterpiece both inside and out.